Express Publication

Med Press offers the researchers the choice of express publication to avoid the waiting time delay in Normal publication when the author needed. It reduces the time of planning to globalize the research work. We can serve this express publication service to all the journals available.

By using this service, the authors can publish their research work as soon as possible without any time delay, but in this case the manuscript undergoes a very strict peer review process.

Here the author can receive their manuscript’s review comments within 5 – 7 days usually a normal publication will take 3 – 4 weeks to receive review comments. For this service the author has to pay additional 99 USD after the manuscript acceptance. If the author will not request for express publication the manuscript will be processed under the Normal Review process.

We will provide the strict standard Double Blinded peer review process for the manuscript acceptance in the both Express and Normal Publication. The article will be accessible in website after the review comments with in the 72 hours.

Benefits by MedPress to Society:

  • Forming a bonding between industries and academic.
  • Creating opportunities for new researchers, students and many industries.
  • Improving article quality form time to time by the help of expertise knowledge.
  • Helping now students in becoming the next generation researchers.
  • High quality peer review process.

Coming to the peer review we follow high standards by keeping the information safe and maintaining a strong scientific relation with prestigious contributors in their respective fields. We are committed to maintaining quality.

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