Plagiarism is an illegal and an unethical method. Plagiarism generally happens when an author uses another authors work without any permission.

Reproducing a content or text of another scholar work without acknowledging original source is a clear example of plagiarism. Plagiarism can be detected easily by comparing the submitted content with the previously published content. The indulgence in plagiarism is also evident if an author does not reproduce the exact words used in the original work. This type of reproduction of previously published content is known as paraphrasing, and it is the most difficult type of plagiarism to detect.

We follow high standards when coming to quality of the article. We do not accept any article that seems to be plagiarized. We always wish to publish fresh articles thus providing valuable information to the budding researchers. We follow standard guidelines that have been set by Open access publishing, and we publish all our information in accordance to Creative Commons Attribution License.

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  • Forming a bonding between industries and academic.
  • Creating opportunities for new researchers, students and many industries.
  • Improving article quality form time to time by the help of expertise knowledge.
  • Helping now students in becoming the next generation researchers.
  • High quality peer review process.

Coming to the peer review we follow high standards by keeping the information safe and maintaining a strong scientific relation with prestigious contributors in their respective fields. We are committed to maintaining quality.

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