Double Blinded Peer-Review Process

Peer review is a scholarly process that is being followed by well established journals. The process involves analysis of an article by well renowned experts in their specific field of research. By analyzing the manuscript experts provide information of how the manuscript can be improved. In order to make sure the manuscript is scrutinized, we assign more than one reviewer and take in note all their review comments and thus help the author to develop his research in a better way. We follow a double-blind peer review process.

After the peer review process the author is informed regarding the changes that have to be made in the manuscript. Once the author completes his corrections he will resubmit the manuscript. The manuscript is again sent for peer review process for the final decision. The final step in this process is the editor in chief of the journal finalizes if the manuscript is ready to be published.

Benefits by MedPress to Society:

  • Forming a bonding between industries and academic.
  • Creating opportunities for new researchers, students and many industries.
  • Improving article quality form time to time by the help of expertise knowledge.
  • Helping now students in becoming the next generation researchers.
  • High quality peer review process.

Coming to the peer review we follow high standards by keeping the information safe and maintaining a strong scientific relation with prestigious contributors in their respective fields. We are committed to maintaining quality.

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