Open Access

Open Access

Open access (OA) means to the drill of providing online or web access to scientific/academic knowledge information for non-chargeable to the young researchers or other readers to use unconditionally. 'Scientific' means to all types of subjects or fields.

On the context of innovation, research or knowledge that can be of two forms:
  • Scientific Research articles (after Review)
  • Research Data which is under documentation (Raw Data)

Scientific Research Articles:

Open access to Scientific Research Articles means free web access for all readers or researchers unconditionally, there are no copyright definitions on the access of content inside of it. Under this the user will get – the right to read, download and print – but also the right to copy, search, link, distribute and crawl.

There are 2 major variants of Open access they are:
  1. Self-archiving Open access: the author or writer deposit the manuscript in an online repository after the publication and ask the people to reuse or can be used after a specific time period elapsed (all this type of archiving can be called as Green Open Access).
  2. Open Access Publishing: the author or representative will immediately publish an article in Open Access mode. Here the publication fee payment is shifted away from the readers or subscribers. In this the payment is one-off by the author only, its referred to as Article Processing Charges (APCs). These charges are usually borne by researcher, researcher’s university or by the funding institute (this type of publication process is also called as Gold Open Access).
Research Data for Open Access:

Here the research data is openly accessible to reuse in digital format under some terms and conditions set by the funder agreement.

Research data means the information on particular facts or numbers, collected after the examination, reasoning, discussion or calculation. In this context the data includes statistics, experiment results, measurements, observations on the field work, survey results, recordings and images focuses on the research which is in the digital format.

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