Research Journal of Concrete and Geopolymer Technology

The "Research Journal of Concrete and Geopolymer Technology" is an international journal especially aims to be a principal source of research papers and scholarly articles through the promotion of research publications especially designed for the investigation and application of innovative Geopolymer Technology as well as Concrete Technology in the sector of constructions and infrastructures.

This journal is planned to reflect recent advancements and developments being brought about in the novel field of potentially promising Geopolymer composites and OPC based composites technology. The word “Geopolymer” is coined to an inorganic material synthesized at lower temperature in an alkali medium in the course of exothermic reaction kinetics of “Geopolymerization”. It is a kind of synthesis which is analogous to geo-synthesis of natural rock forming process, whereby Alumina and Silica rich precursors react with alkali activator solutions to produce Geopolymers. Quite recently, this new-fangled emerging technology and Geopolymer construction composites have drawn attraction of universal researchers, scientists and construction engineers not merely for exhibiting excellent attributes viz., high early strength as well as resistances to thermal, fire, freeze thaw and chemicals but also for consuming six times lesser energy and nine times lesser emissions of CO2 – a primary Green House Gas as compared to existing OPC production process proving them eco-benevolent. Thus, they conserve natural restricted resources besides their incorporation with diverse waste extends a solution to get rid of profuse diverse wastes systematically otherwise filling open lands and creating pollution of air, soils, surface and sub surface waters along with health hazards.

The aim of "Research Journal of Concrete and Geopolymer Technology" is primarily based on most modern research topic of Geopolymer Technology, whereby the publishing of the best research articles on Geopolymer and OPC composites (Paste, mortar and concrete), various supplementary building materials that may found incorporating concrete. The journal publishes an extensive range of ground-breaking novel most modern research, on the properties and performance of geopolymers or OPC composites; ultramodern experimental techniques; and the potential for improved building materials.

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